Annie is an easy dog, she is healthy, has low reactivity, and she’s patient. She was easy to crate train and very quiet. She gets along with the other dogs, making her the ultimate easy-keeper.

She has an independent streak that has her always ready for an adventure, she’s not a girl who likes to sit on the sidelines, she wants to be a part of the action. She loves to be involved. When you look into her eyes you see those gears are always turning, she’s always thinking on something.

She is very emotionally balanced, which is great because it makes her very stable during training and when interacting in a new environment. She is easy-going and playful, making her a delightful addition to the family.

We are excited for her puppies, which should also carry not only her health and easy-keeping, but her gentle and adventurous personality, allowing for a wonderful addition to any family, whether she’s an only dog or one of many.

Health/Color/Size/Coat Texture

 We’ve completed health testing and Annie is clear, providing her puppies with a wonderful, healthy start to their life genetically.

69 lbs.

   Penn Hip: no evidence- DI .36
OFA Hips-Prelim- Good 
OFA Elbows- Negative for elbow dysplasia
Cardiac- Normal/Clear
Eyes- Normal
CNM- Clear
D-Locus (No Dilute Gene)
EIC- Clear
HNPK- Clear
PRCD- Clear


Temperament & Personality

Annie is a go-getter, while she’s content at the house waiting on me to get home from work, she loves it when we are out on our walks, checking out the new smells. She checks in with me and easily engages with the family and other dogs. 

Why She's in the Program

We love Annie’s drive to investigate and independence. She has low reactivity, which makes her easy to take into new situations. She has a lot of stamina and drive to work, we hope her lines will contribute to local law enforcement in detection work. She’s an intense dog with a lot to give in a structured environment. 

She Could’ve Been a Jumping Horse

Annie is a total goof, she loves to find things to jump off of, the more “air” she can get, the better. She’s found big rocks to jump off, logs, our dock into the lake…and one time a picnic table before she learned that wasn’t the best option, especially with the grandparents over. 

Ever Wanted a Dog that Made Your Friends Jealous?

Imagine a dog that is not only great with the family, but retrieves your game like a machine. Oh, and when the hunting is over and it’s time to hang with the guys, she’s still a dream dog.

Annie is the perfect hunting dog. My husband took the guys out for hunting and camping trip. It was getting hotter and so they threw the beer in a basket in the lake to keep it cool. While they were getting camp set up, Annie took it upon herself to run down to the lake and personally grab each guy a beer, bringing them back to camp one by one, and delivering beer right to their hands.

She’s an Accomplished Shed Hunter

Did you know you can train your dog to find Antler Sheds? This is a special activity that dogs with excellent noses–like our dear Annie–to sniff and find antlers. 

Annie has passed her Intro to Sheds and On-Leash Obedience Course. She was there on a board-and-train, completing 8 weeks at the River Stone Facility. 

Want to add shed hunting to your family activities? Consider a dashingly-red Annie pup!


Ready to Get a Puppy?

The best way to start the process is by filling out a puppy application. The application helps us understand what you’re looking for in a puppy and helps us determine who will be a good fit for you.