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Upcoming Litters

Is Your New Pup About to be Born? Why not take a look at our upcoming litters and available puppies and see if your new family member is already on the way. 

You can see available puppies, upcoming litters, and get a glimpse into the amazing parents of Apple Tree Labradors. Are you ready?

How to Get a Puppy

Has it been a while since you got a new puppy? No problem! We know it can be a little confusing and different with each breeder. We’re here to help you not only find the best puppy, but to walk you through the process.

Let us explain how to get a puppy, everything from how to get on the waitlist, to pricing, and how our puppy selection works. 

Why Apple Tree Farms?

You want a great puppy. A puppy that will turn into the dog of your dreams. The way we see it, that starts with us, the breeder, taking the time to perfectly match our parent dogs and then align your family with the perfect puppy. 

A lot goes into our philosophy, breeding decisions, and how we raise and match our pups. Let us share with you our secrets, process, and how we make the perfect Lab pup for you!

It all started with Bear…

Our vet used to call him the “Jason Mamoa of breeding dogs.” Bear was an amazing dog in our program, not only was he a gentleman, but he really grabbed the ladies’ attention.

He was the whole package: he was calm, curious, and respectful. He would go with you anywhere, whether a busy day shopping, classrooms with the littles, or an afternoon on the porch. Bear was the man. 

He’s a foundation dog from our program, and while he’s retired, he has sired some of our best mamas. 

Raised in Our Home with Love

One of the biggest difficulties in getting a new puppy is the transition to your home and lifestyle. There is a whole new routine they need to learn. We aim to make this transition as easy and successful as possible. This is why it’s so important to us to raise our puppies in our home, so they learn they can love and trust people from the moment they are born.


Our Dogs Have Long Healthy Lives

The most painful thing for a family is pouring their heart and love into a dog and then losing that dog too soon. For this reason, we carefully use as many tools as we have available to confirm our dogs are genetically and structurally as healthy as can be.


Matched to You

Many people think any Labrador they get will be the same, only differentiated by color and sex, but, just like your kids, even puppies with the same parents will have different personalities and interests. We use temperament testing to evaluate our puppies, so we can help you select the perfect puppy for your lifestyle. There are no good or bad dogs, but there will be a good or bad dog for you.

How We Think About It

 The way we think about it, our dogs aren’t just pets, but family members. We want them to be wonderful companions who love being with you, whether that’s hanging out on the couch, sleeping at your foot during dinner, or going for a long walk in the evening.

We want you to enjoy the time you spend with your dog, whether they’re your relaxation buddy when you get home from work or whether they’re with you all day, supporting you in your needs. Regardless, the dog should bring joy to your life, otherwise, why have one?

As a breeder, we know what life with one of our dogs can be, so we do everything we can to create that for you, so you’re successful. It starts with healthy breeding dogs, raising puppies who are healthy and have a love and trust for people, and it extends to setting you up for success with your dogs by helping you understand the little tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years.

We give you great potential and we are excited for you to turn that potential into the dog of your dreams. We’ll help you along the way as best as we can, but we respect that the dog is yours, we are on your support team, but you make the decisions.

What’s our Connection to Tamarack Therapy Dogs?

Apple Tree Labradors and Tamarack Therapy Dogs (Purebred Poodles & Labradors) work together to produce puppies that thrive in therapy and service work. While not all Labradors are designed for such a pace of work, we recognize the incredible need for therapy and service dogs, especially for children, which is why part of our Apple Tree Labrador Program works hand-in-hand with Tamarack Therapy Dogs to provide Labradors in therapy work. 

To be fair, while we have no intention of producing Labradoodles in our breeding program, we don’t harbor any ill intent toward Doodle Breeders or their breeding practices; it’s just not for us.

Want the Short & Sweet?

Get all the answers to your questions the short and sweet way by reading through our FAQ page. 

Learn about our pricing, our guarantee, our process, and everything you can expect from an Apple Tree Labrador. 

Ready to Get a Puppy?

The best way to start the process is by filling out a puppy application. The application helps us understand what you’re looking for in a puppy and helps us determine who will be a good fit for you.

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“Laura and Apple Tree Labs are amazing!  After months of searching and bad experiences with dog breeders, Laura was such a breath of fresh air.  We were so grateful for her dedication and frequent communication and updates when we were waiting to bring our puppy home.  We now have the biggest, best Fox Red Lab named Achilles from them!  We could not ask for a better dog.  He is a very fast learner and has the best personality!  Every day we are tempted to bring home another sibling!  We are so thankful for Laura and Apple Tree Labs for bringing Achilles into our lives.

Chad S.

Maisy Puppy

Scarlett is now 6.  She still looks and acts like a puppy.  She will play anytime anywhere, but she makes the rules.  We still walk every day.  She remains healthy and happy and is just about the friendliest dog on the planet!

Bob S.

Sunny Puppy

“We have the blue collar male from this litter, now known as Ranger. He is the sweetest boy on the planet, and is so loved. He doesn’t go anywhere without us, much like a shadow, and has the best temperament, and loves to snuggle. I have been so thankful to have him home with me while I have been teaching from home since March. Ranger loves to play with other dogs, of all sizes. He goes to daycare a few times a week and is very social and friendly.”

Jaclyn P.

Sunny Puppy