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New Puppy Questionnaire

If you are considering purchasing one of our puppies, please submit the following questionnaire. We like to speak to potential families over the phone prior to accepting a deposit.

1. Full Name:
2. Email:
3. Phone:
4. Street Address:
5. City, State Zip:
6. Country:
7. Family members in the household? Ages?:
8. What is the gender and color preference?:
9. Have you ever owned a Labrador?:
10. Do you own or rent?:
11. Do you have a fenced yard?
How will you exercise a dog?:
12. What experience do you have crate training/house training a puppy?:
13. Are you planning on showing, doing AKC events, hunting, or breeding your puppy?:
14. Do you know the difference in looks/personalities of English Labradors versus American Labradors? Which do you prefer?:
15. We only sell puppies with a Limited Registration. Are you familiar with the difference between Full Registration & Limited Registration?:
16. We are located in Central NY State. Since we do not fly puppies, are you willing to make the drive to pick up your puppy? We may provide limited ground transportation depending on location and our availability (additional charges may apply):
17. Do you have any other comments or questions?:
18. Spam Guard: ← What is 10 plus 20?
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